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DNS Zone Information

Most hosting companies will provide you with DNS service if you are hosting your domain with them but many do not have web based DNS management function, thus if there are any changes that you would like to make, you may need to go through their technical support to do it for you.

Even if some of them do have this feature, it would be still be advisable to use your registrar's DNS servers as your authoritative name servers as they normally have better facility to handle load and they are not on the same network block as your hosting server. Thus if there is a failure, you can redirect your DNS to point elsewhere.

It also prevents having to change your authoritative name servers in event that you decide to change web hosts. Changing of your name servers will have a bigger impact than just changing records as the root servers worldwide are updated at fix intervals, thus those DNS servers that still have your old information will be polling the wrong (old) servers for your zone information which is not accurate.

With these in mind, it is also advisable to completely delete all your domain information from the previous servers because each time your zone is reloaded, the TTL (Time To Live) is reset to the initial TTL value.

Those registrar that supports dynamic DNS are particularly useful since they relatively keep the TTL for each of zone's record short thus if there is any changes, it would be reflected quickly.

A short TTL means that any DNS servers on the web that contains your information can only keep the record for the period specified in the TTL value and stale data will be discarded and information re-polled again.

In event that your web server is down, you can even redirect it within minutes to another location e.g. your office's broadband or leased line and the information will be updated throughout the web. Your backup conection may be slower but at the minimum your site is not completely down.

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