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Promoting Your Site

Your site may not be available immediately since it will take up to 72 hours for your DNS information to be completely propagated throughout the World Wide Web.

Your site is also virtually unknown to all major search engines since it is relatively new unless it is one of those expired domains that belong to someone else before. Even so, it may not be well promoted enough to be known.

You can start promoting your site by getting your URL listed in major search engines but in recent years, due to the amount of spamming, many search engines do not have a URL submission option anymore.

The few main search engines are Google, Yahoo, MSN and they probably be the only few that will be sending you majority of the referrals.

Search engines refer traffic to you base on your contents and in order to have information about your contents, they use automated bots known as spiders or crawler and crawls through your site keeping record of your site contents.

In order for your content to be crawled, you will need to get inbound links to you from other sites so that when they are spidered, the crawlers will follow the link to your site. It is not recommended to spam forums just for this purpose and it may be detrimental to your site.

You may also try to get yourself listed in DMOZ, which is a human edited directory that does not charge any fee to be included other than an inconsistent review time. It is also another method for getting your site crawled by the other search engines that follows the link to you.

Yahoo's Suggest A URL option may also be useful if you want to get listed in their directory. There are presently two method of submitting to them, express or normal. For Express a yearly fee of US$399.00 is application and it is not guaranteed of acceptance.

Yahoo particularly dislike Affliate sites and will not list them.

You may also request a link from us if you need to as long as you can provide a link back to us.

Other methods of promoting your site would be through conventional mode of advertising, via pay for placement via the search engines above or through word of mouth.

If you're looking for domain name with hosting, you can get Yahoo's offer of a domain name for only US$2.99 which is bundled with their hosting service.

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