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Domain Name Registration

An Internet domain allows you to cater your products & services to a worldwide audience but the confusing nature of the Internet, uncertainties about cost involved & confusing DNS acronyms & terms can be overwhelming for some.

The following write up provide a simple guide to the basics of getting & setting up your company's domain.

An Internet domain is often confused with Microsoft network domain. It is entirely two different things until Windows 2000 and above where you are able to setup your DNS resolve and configure your local network as a sub domain of your company's Internet domain name.

For one that is very new to all these, it may seem very confusing but it is actually rather straightforward.

Your company's Internet domain name, which you registered through your local registrar are placeholder for your presence on the Internet.

TLD (Top-Level Domain) names ending with .com, .net, etc can be registered with any of the major registrars worldwide. ccTLD (country coded Top Level Domains) example .sg for Singapore, for Malaysia, are usually available from the local registrars in their respective host countries. It can be available at many bigger registrars too but local presence may be required for some ccTLD & thus a local registrar to that domain may be your representation at a fee if required.

Once that is done, you need to setup the relevant information on your DNS zone, either on the registrar's or your hosting company's DNS servers so that your domain name may resolve to a location pointed to by an IP address.

If set with the correct information, a www A record resolves to your web server's IP address, similar to phone book where a name is listed with a phone number except where the name is a domain name, phone number is an IP address & the DNS is like a phone book but holding different types of information.

The registry where your registrar book your domain name serves the purpose of reserving the name of your interest for the lease period you pay for, so that no one can actually own it & also reply with information about the DNS servers holding your DNS zone information.

We are reseller for .sg domain and are able to offer registration for .sg domain at a flat rate of S$79.00 per domain name. We are also able to offer all other TLD domains at a competitive price.

Our pricing structure;

Domain typePricingCountryAvailability
.comS$35.00 / Year--Public
.netS$35.00 / Year--Public
.orgS$35.00 / Year--Public
.deS$65.00 / YearGermanyPublic
.com.cnS$80.00 / YearChinaPublic
.net.cnS$80.00 / YearChinaPublic
.org.cnS$80.00 / YearChinaPublic
.cnS$80.00 / YearChinaPublic
.com.sgS$79.00 / YearSingaporeLocal Company Representative or Presence
.org.sgS$79.00 / YearSingaporeLocal Non-profit society registered in Singapore
.per.sgS$35.00 / YearSingaporeSingapore Citizen or permanent residents.

If you're looking at TLD domain names only with hosting, you can get Yahoo's offer of a domain name for only US$2.99 which is bundled with their hosting service.

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