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Hosting Services

It would normally be cheaper to host your website on a Linux based hosting as compared to Windows hosting due to higher cost of Windows licenses. However, your web designer may have written your site in ASP, or it runs FrontPage extension or Microsoft SQL all of which requires Windows based hosting.

If your site is PHP, Perl or MySQL driven then a Linux hosting is sufficient but even if you select the wrong package, most of the web hosting companies will have Windows hosting that supports PHP and Perl so it is not a big issue. Your web host should also your emails but there are some that do not host either emails or web pages but price their package cheaper.

Bandwidth requirement should also be a consideration when selecting your hosting package. 2-5 GB/month of data transfer may be enough for simpler sites that consist of up to 100-200 pages of product introduction but may hardly be enough for graphic or download intensive sites or popular forums.

One your web host advises you on your login, you can upload your site to the IP address that they gave you using FTP programs like WS_FTP, Cute FTP, etc. You can also use IE's FTP function too by type ftp:// instead of http:// before the IP address.

The IP address given by your web host should be the address you point to for the www entry in your DNS server. By adding a www entry, you will be accessing your site with a www prefix (e.g. but it is just a convention. You could also just set the root record @ to point to the IP address and it will work the same except you do not need to enter the www prefix, just

Hosting fee in Singapore may be more costly than other areas like the US but the peace of mind of having someone to address your problems immediately instead of waiting for them to wake up on the other side of the planet is well worth the cost. Also, due to the competitive nature of web hosting, a lot of hosting companies are of bare bone staffing and it can be very difficult to get a support request properly addressed in a timely manner.

However, if you are targeting a certain region/country that your product is selling well, you may consider using the local hosting for that region or register a country-level domain name (e.g.,, .de, .cn) for that region that you are targeting. This is because search engines are now doing geo-targeting, meaning if your host IP is of a Singapore block or your domain name has a .sg suffix, they will direct search for Singapore to you.

Not all ccTLD can be registered if you do not have a local presence in that country.

SecureIT-NET is also able to offer your affordable hosting services either through our servers hosted at datacenters or alternatively for server side mailbox hosting similar Exchange via Google Apps.

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