TrustKey B220H Fingerprint USB Key

The B Series keys have achieved a unique distinction as the world’s first and only security keys certified with FIDO2 Level 2. They securely store fingerprint data internally, guaranteeing the protection of this data during authentication. Fingerprint recognition supports both Multi-Factor Authentication and Passwordless Authentication.

Noteworthy Features:

  • They serve as hardware authenticators with support for fingerprint recognition.
  • Compatibility spans multiple protocols, including FIDO2 and U2F.
  • They are designed to fit seamlessly into the form factors of desktop or laptop computers.
  • They are equipped to work with both USB Type USB-A and USB-C connections.
  • They facilitate passwordless sign-in on platforms like Microsoft Entra and on-premise Active Directory.
  • The token key can be employed to secure other Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enabled applications concurrently, including banking apps.

This USB security key is Windows Hello ready and is can be a single key to secure all services requiring two-factor authentication.

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