We provide full IT range of services and support for companies and serve as your outsource or remote hand to support daily operation of your business IT needs.

For companies, the most common computer and IT-related requirements typically include the following:

Hardware: Basic computer hardware, including desktops, laptops, printers, and networking equipment, is essential for day-to-day operations. Depending on the nature of the business, specific hardware requirements may vary.
We provide sales, service and support for all major hardware brands including HP, IBM, Lenovo, Dell, Aruba, Fortinet and others.

Operating Systems and Software: Operating systems (e.g., Windows, macOS) for computers, along with essential software like office productivity suites (e.g., Microsoft Office, Google Workspace) and collaboration tools are essential software required for business operation.
We are able to support all major operating systems and software, covering Microsoft Windows Server’s Active Directory, Exchange Server, Sharepoint and desktop applications like Office software, Onedrive and Teams.

Networking: Companies require networking infrastructure to connect their devices to the internet and to each other. This includes routers, switches, and possibly wireless access points for Wi-Fi connectivity.
Our certified engineers are able to setup your network requirement according to your needs and provide you with the assistance to manage your network and improve its performance.

Data Backup and Storage: Implementing data backup solutions, such as external hard drives or cloud-based backup services, is crucial to protect critical business data from loss or damage.
We provide setup/services for all type of storage devices and are able to support all storage standards covering NAS, SAN and all types of disk/flash arrays.

Security: Cybersecurity is a significant concern for businesses. Basic security measures like firewalls, antivirus software, and regular software updates are essential to protect against cyber threats.
An entry level firewall like the Fortigate 40F is a minimum requirement for business requiring to protect their system malicious external threats. We offer full setup and support for companies requiring to secure their network from such risks. Securing your network perimeters is the basic requirement for a safe and secure IT network.

Email and Communication: Setting up professional email addresses (e.g., [email protected]) and communication tools (e.g., email clients, instant messaging apps) helps streamline internal and external communications.
Our Office 365 offerings allows for full suite of your users’ requirement, covering email, desktop applications, file sharing, messaging & collaboration. Check with us for the plan best suited for your company.

Website and Online Presence: Establishing a website and an online presence is essential for marketing and reaching potential customers. Web hosting and domain registration are necessary for this purpose.
Web presence is an important part of getting your company and your products known. We provide hosting space and setup for your domain and website including domain registration, setup and configuration of your website.

Cloud Services: Utilizing cloud-based services, such as cloud storage (e.g., Dropbox, Google Drive), collaboration tools (e.g., Microsoft Teams, Slack), and cloud-based software applications, can enhance productivity and accessibility.
With Office 365 suite of product, Teams, Teams Sites, messaging, voice calls and storage products like OneDrive are covered. Check with us on your requirement and we will be able to offer you any custom setup that is catered for your business needs.

IT Support: Access to IT support, whether in-house or through an external provider, is critical for troubleshooting technical issues, maintaining the IT infrastructure, and ensuring smooth operations.
Get your IT setup running at optimal level with our IT managed service contract. We will handle all your technical issues, updates and patching so that your operations will not be interrupted unnecessarily.

Scalability: All companies should consider scalable solutions that can grow with their business to avoid frequent system upgrades and costly changes.
When you needs grow, we can assist with your increased requirements whether it is to setup a site-to-site VPN, site-to-multi-site VPN or to establishes secure connectivity to applications running on hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments.

Please feel to contact us for any IT or computer related requirements.