TrustKeys B210 Fingerprint Security Key


TrustKey is made in Korea with a focus on security.

Key Features of TrustKey T Series:

  • Fingerprint Authentication: T Series keys excel in delivering a fast and secure login experience through fingerprint-based authentication, enhancing security and simplicity.
  • Public Key Infrastructure: By implementing Public Key Infrastructure, these keys ensure a high level of security against phishing attacks.
  • Development Platform: These keys share the same development platform as the B Series, ensuring consistency in security standards and features.
  • Multi-Protocol Support: They are compatible with a range of protocols, including FIDO2, U2F, HOTP, and TOTP, allowing for flexible authentication methods.
  • Resident Key Support: Users can store up to 150 Resident Keys, providing versatility in authentication options.
  • USB-A and USB-C Compatibility: Designed to work with both USB-A and USB-C connectors, accommodating different device interfaces while maintaining security standards.
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Introducing the TrustKey B220H Fingerprint USB Key, a single security key that handles all your applications’ MFA requirements. This FIDO2 Level 2 compliant security key ensures the utmost security by internally storing fingerprint data.

B210H security keys handle:

  • Hardware authentication – enhanced security through fingerprint recognition.
  • Compatibility with FIDO2 and U2F protocols.
  • Works seamlessly on desktops or laptops.
  • Versatility with USB Type USB-C and traditional USB-A connections.
  • Passwordless sign-in for Microsoft Entra (AzureAD) and on-premise Active Directory.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (2FA or MFA) for various applications, including banking.

As a Windows Hello ready device, this BIO USB key simplifies two-factor authentication across all services securing your access not only on Microsoft platform (Entra, Hello) but covers all others that requires multi-factor/2-factor authentication. (Google, AWS, DUO, and much more)

Enhance your security with TrustKey B220H, verify your identity without the need for a personal mobile phone. (B210H User Manual)