Dr.Web Server Security Suite (for Windows)


System Requirements Refer to the documentation for detailed system requirements.

Licensing License Types Based on the number of protected servers. License Options

  • Anti-virus
  • Anti-virus + Control Center
  • Available as part of Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite
  • Included in Dr.Web Universal bundle for small and medium companies.


Protection Against Viruses for Windows Servers

Product Overview Advantages

  • Exceptional performance and stability
  • Fast scanning with minimal system resource consumption, ensuring smooth operation on various server hardware
  • Automated operation without issues
  • Delayed scan technology for reading-opened files, ensuring flexible load balancing for server file systems
  • Customizable client-oriented scanning configuration and actions for detected viruses or suspicious files
  • Easy installation and administration
  • Instant protection upon installation (default settings)
  • Transparent operation with detailed logs offering customizable verbosity

Key Features

  • Scans server volumes on-demand and based on schedules
  • Real-time scanning of all files transferred via the server
  • On-demand and scheduled scans
  • Heuristic virus scanning
  • Scans packed and archived files
  • Notifications upon identifying infected objects
  • Anti-virus administration through the server console or a remote console, including notification system configuration, protection monitoring, and configuration optimization
  • Scan statistics displaying operational time, scanned file count, and detected virus information
  • Multi-threaded scanning
  • Automatic workstation disconnection from the server if identified as a threat source
  • Customizable notifications
  • Immediate administrator and group notifications
  • Quarantine isolation of infected or suspicious files
  • Options to heal, remove, or quarantine infected items
  • Log of anti-virus actions
  • Automatic virus database updates