IT Services


If you're running a new or existing business in Singapore, and you're in need of competent IT support to keep things running smoothly, we are an IT company that's got your back on all fronts. We specializes in a wide array of services tailored to meet your business's technological needs.

1. IT Network and System Support: Running a business requires coordinating all aspects of your business operations and sometimes, it needs a mechanic to ensure it's running perfectly. We are your trusty mechanic for all things tech-related that will make sure your computer systems and networks are at it optimal performance.

2. Office 365 Subscription and Registration, Professional Setup: Office 365, a multifaceted suite of productivity tools, can significantly enhance your business's efficiency. Our IT experts not only facilitate your Office 365 subscription but also meticulously configure it to suit your unique professional requirements.

3. Server Hardware and Software: Servers are the vital infrastructure that power your digital operations. We offer cutting-edge server hardware and software solutions, guaranteeing the reliability and performance of this foundational technology.

4. Business IT Security and Antivirus Software: In an era fraught with digital threats, safeguarding your business's data and operations is paramount. Our comprehensive IT security measures and robust antivirus software are your shield against online vulnerabilities.

5. Domain Registration: Your digital presence begins with a distinctive domain name. We assist you in securing an appealing and memorable domain, ensuring that your online identity aligns seamlessly with your business.

6. Web Hosting with Softaculous: Hosting a website requires a reliable and user-friendly platform. Our web hosting services, complemented by Softaculous, simplify the installation of web applications, providing you with a hassle-free digital home for your online presence.

7. Full-Service IT Provider: In essence, we embodies the role of a comprehensive IT partner. They offer a wide spectrum of services, functioning as your dedicated IT department, ready to resolve technical challenges, and optimize your digital infrastructure.

8. Wireless Projects: We are able to provide the support required for your IT wireless projects (wireless mesh network/point-to-point, on-prem/cloud-controlled, wireless captive portal) from planning(heatmapping), deployment (autonomous/controlled, master/standby) to final handover. 

We are committed to provide the reliability, expertise and commitment to delivering top-tier services ensures that your business can thrive in the digital age, all while leaving the intricacies of technology in the hands of experienced professionals. Choose us as your trusted partner for a seamless and secure IT journey.