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Setting Up Autorespond Template

Setting The Autoreply File As A Template

An important feature of the configuration file is the ability to set the autoreply file as a template. Within the template, fields (conditions stated with a ~) can be replaced with the appropriate information to customize the replies.

You will need to add a 1 after the filename for Mercury to know that the file is a template file. Thus a entry of 0, 0000, 0900, AREPLY.PM, 1 will cause Mercury to reply the field conditions in AREPLY.FM with appropriate info.

Some of the substitutes that I have test on Mercury 3.32 are as follows :-

~A = Recipient's email address (local recipient)
~B = The entire original message body (no headers)
~D = The date, in proper RFC822 format
~G = The first x lines of the message (x being the option that is set in Mercury Core Module)
~T = Sender's mail address
~M = The entire original message
~S = The subject field from the original message
~N = The current system's Internet domain name

An example of AREPLY.PM file (the filename need not neccessarily be AREPLY.PM)

----------Beginning of example----------

From: Edward <edward@~n>
To: ~T
Date: ~D
Subject: ~S

Thanks for your message with the subject: "~S"

The message has been delivered to ~A

For any urgent matter, kindly contact our office no. (65) 31514913 during office hour from 0900 to 1800 hr GMT+8 or mobile no. (65) 86867628 after office hours.

Yours sincerely,

----------End of example----------

There is also an autoresponder option which is set via alias under Mercury's configuration tab. It is basically for sending the content of a text file or a template file to the sender's email address and not processed any further from there.

This is set via Configuration tab, Alias..., Add new alias.

When prompted for Alias entry, just type the email address or user name for Alias: and for Real Address, just enter TFILE: followed by the path to a template file or FILE: follow by the path to a text file. Only difference is ~* fields in template file are substituted by the relevant info.

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