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Setting Up Email Scanning In Mercury

DOS Mode Virus Scanning

Setting up a DOS mode virus scanning of incoming emails is simple as copying the virus scan software folder onto your server's hard drive, add a task in Mercury and schedule your virus scanning software to update its definitions on a weekly basis.

The DOS mode antivirus client software for Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition is located at NAVCORPROLLOUTAVSERVERCLIENTSDOS on the Legacy Solution Disk.

Copy the whole folder onto your server hard drive, go to Mercury/32 Configuration and then select Mercury core module. Under the Policy tab, click Add new task. Enter the task name as NAV and type


at the Commandline: portion. Next, tick the options This task requires attachment unpacking support and This task should be applied before any filtering rules.

Leave the rest of the options as default. You can also select the course of action of this task triggers a return code other than 0. (A policy exception returns a non-0 code, indicating that a virus has been found in the mail) It is best to just delete the message or redirect it to the administrator's mailbox if you are worried about false positives.

Returning the message will only cause more problems and risks of the recipient of the bounced mails getting the virus. This is because most of the newer viruses obtain their email lists from the infected machines' address book and ramdom forge the sender's email addresses from this list.

If you have NAV for Windows running in the background, you will also need to exclude the SCRATCH folder in Mercury from File System Realtime Protection Scanning. This is to prevent NAV for Windows scanning the mail messages while it is being extracted to the temporary folder for DOS-mode scanning.

Reason: The temp files may be quarantined before completing the task and thus does not generate a exception thus letting the virus get through to the mailbox or causing NAVFW to clean the file while it is being transfered to the individual mailboxes thus generating alot blank messages for the receipient of the mails. (A real pain to troubleshoot when users complain)

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