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Business Broadband Plan

== Business Broadband, ADSL, Next Generation Broadband, DSL, Static IP, Dynamic IP==

Secureit-net is a reseller of Business Broadband Services from various major ISPs in Singapore, namely Singnet, Pacific Internet & Qala.

We are experience in implementation of wide variety of Internet access services & bandwidth plans.

Whether you are planning in setting up a new office in Singapore & getting your Internet access in place, upgrading of existing plans or intending to source for alternative ISP, we will be able to provide you with necessary information & advice.

Why use us:-

Single point of contact thus reduces misunderstanding
  • We do all the co-ordination of line / IP swing for you while you can take care of your other priorities
  • Our review & knowledge of your network allows us to do the implement right the first time round
  • Avoid costly mistakes by seeking relevant advice from us
  • We have in-depth experience in Exchange Server, ISA, major Firewalls & UTMs, providing seamless implementation beyond Internet service
  • IP changes in Exchange or IIS requires knowhow in Internet domains, its nameservers & updating of various zone records to ensure problem-free migration
  • Backup support is readily available from the same people that understand your network
  • Following are some of the available ADSL/broadband plan for business.

    Business Broadband PlanIPs AllocatedPrice/Month
    ADSL Dynamic IP Plan   
    10Mbps (1Mbps Up)Single Dynamic IP$168.00
    4Mbps (600kbps Up) Single Dynamic IP$99.00
    ADSL Static IP Plan   
    8Mbps/768kbps16 IP Addresses$580.00
    6Mbps/768kbps16 IP Addresses$520.00
    4Mbps/768kbps16 IP Addresses$440.00
    SDSL Static IP Plan   
    2Mbps/2Mbps16 IP Addresses$509.00
    Elite Ethernet Plan   
    5Mbps/5Mbps (Promo Price)16 IP Addresses$340.00

    As prices may change for Singtel ADSL, SDSL & MegaPop IP VPN Service Plans, kindly contact us on current promotions & plan details.

    Call us now for more information on subscribing to any of the above services, leased line or Singtel Fibre plans. Alternatively, you may email us below;

    We also provide ViewQwest Fiber Internet & Static IP Fibre Access Plans.

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