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ccTLDs (.COM.SG, .SG) TLDs (.COM, .NET) Domain Name Registration Service

Domain registrations are done either through a domain reseller or domain registrar directly. Domains ending with .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ and so forth are known as TLD domains. (Top Level Domains) Others that are country specific like .SG, .MY, .UK, .MU, etc are known as ccTLD (Country Coded Top Level Domains).

Domain names are leased from registrars on a yearly basis although you may opt to renew or register it on 5 or 10 yearly basis. Each time a unused domain name is registered, the registrar that the domain is registered with updates the central registry for the particular type of domain, e.g. .COM, .SG and the information will be propagated over a period of time to the 13 or more root servers worldwide.

This used to take around 72 hours but with recent changes in implementation and improved technology, it is much faster now & registrar with live access to the registries may provide close to real time update. The exception being TLDs with thick registry like .ORG which takes longer & expired domains that are re-registered but with old zone information still held by DNS servers worldwide.

Once a domain has been registered is live, if there is a request for information for your newly registered domain, the request will be directed to the querying system's ISP DNS server which will in term request the information from the root servers which then direct them to the DNS servers of your registrar or hosting company. Your registrar or hosting company's DNS server will then reply with the information requested.

The DNS servers holding such information for your domain (also known as the zone information for your domain) are known as the Authoritative Nameservers. Your authoritative nameservers can be hosted at either the registrar or your hosting company but they should hold information about your zone, eg. resolving to IP address 203.320.111.111. (320 is not valid but this is not to impose IP namespace that may belongs to someone.)

All these information are configurable at either the host or the registrar whichever you set the authoritative servers to.

These querying processes may seem like a long process going through so many steps, however once the appropriate records are returned, it is normally cached in the querying system's DNS cache and subsequent query are lookup within the system DNS Cache first. The querying system will also base on the TTL (Time To Live) of the returned record to know when the information is old and need to be updated again from the authoritative servers.

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