Secureit-net International Pte Ltd
27 Foch Road #02-09
Hoa Nam Building
Singapore 209264
Tel: (65) 3151 4913

Sales of PCs, Desktops, Workstations Hardwares &s; OLP OEM Software

Established in 1998, SecureIT-NET is the resellers of ALL major brand of computer hardware and peripherals ranging from high-end servers & workstations to the basic computer desktop and notebooks as well as printers, scanners and other related peripherals.

We are also resellers of major brands of networking equipments like switches, routers and security appliances.

We carry most major brand desktop PCs & workstations & its accompanying software. Models typically available are SFF (Small Form Factor), MT (Mini Tower), Desktops & Workstations (which are usually of higher specs for more resource heavy work).

Most of the accompanying OS & office application software are OEM licenses which are priced cheaper but are non-transferable. We are also able to offer OLP paper licenses for all Microsoft products which are more flexible & allow license transfer & free version upgrade for a period of 2 years.

Your PC purchase may be for a replacement of an existing user's machine. We are able to provide data migration service or even disk imaging in order to retain applications that are installed on the old system. Unless necessary, it is not recommended to do so as it may move software issues from your old system over.

All systems ordered from us comes with free delivery & basic setup.

For new installation, we provide free half-hour setup per system which covers domain enrollment, printer setup & installation of common applications like PDF Reader, Flash Player, Java, productivity tools like MS Office, Open Office, Antivirus SW, Antispam, POP3, IMAP, Exchange mail client setup.

If there are legacy applications or hardware that requires time to setup or circumstances like not having correct passwords, installation medias or having apps that take a long time to install e.g. AutoCAD, subsequent hours will be chargeable on an hourly basis.

For situations where there is compatibility issues between existing applications & newer operating system like Windows 7, we are also able to do a downgrade from Windows 7 to an older operating system.

If you need custom built PCs, notebooks or netbooks, we are also able provide you that service. Email us or call us now at 96 96 46 48.