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Servers, Server Hardwares & Server Licenses - Sales & Setup

Unlike desktop computers, servers are required to run for long period of time without interruptions thus it is normally built with more robust hardware & lower failure rates in order to ensure high reliability and availability.

SecureIT-NET covers all aspect of your server requirements from understanding and sizing up your needs & offering a solution, to actual implementation and completion of the project.

For companies that have existing servers in their environment & are looking at replacing old equipments with new server hardware, we are able to provide the expertise to migrate your existing server roles to a new server be it an Active Directory Server or an Exchange Server or both. This can also be done for Windows SBS Servers that allows only a single Domain Controller for the domain it manages.

We supply a wide range of server hardware from rack mount and tower servers to NAS and SAN storage. Tower to Rack Conversion Trays are also available for converting tower servers to fit securely into the server rack.

We are reseller for HP Proliant ML / DL Servers & IBM System x Rackmount / Tower Servers & are able to support Windows servers running in any of its deployed operation mode be it a Domain Controller, a Mail Server or for basic file and print sharing.

Except for lower end models that can only be configure as RAID 0 or 1, most other server models that we offer have disk array controllers that support configurable RAID options from 0 to 10 with hot swap and hot spare capability. Common models may also use variation of 2.5" or 3.5" SAS or SATA disk drives.

Although SATA disks can be used with SAS Controllers as a cheaper alternative, it is still recommended to use SAS drives as SAS drives provide faster seek time and transfer rate and has much lesser error rate than SATA.

For disk intensive applications or application requiring high speed access to data, additional storage or combining multiple systems to a single storage pool can be achieved with SAN or other storage servers.

For further enquiries, please feel free to contact us & we will get back to you as soon as possible.