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NAS & SAN Storage - Sales, Supply & Setup

SecureIT-NET support all popular brands of SAN & NAS devices.

While both have similar function as a storage solution, there are specific differences that need to be considered carefully before deciding what is suitable for you.

SAN operates on its own network of storage devices unlike NAS which are accessed as a device attached to the network.

SAN are also highly scalable unlike NAS & operates as clusters of dedicated storage units that can be allocated to an application individually.

Unlike NAS which disk access are file-based, SAN are block-based access & are usually connected via Fibre Channels offering high speed access to stored data.

SAN can also operate on its own fabric switch separated from the network & can have multipath I/O through multiple controllers, providing added redundancy for fault tolerance.

In contrast, NAS are devices added to the network that may severely impact performance when there are too many users, too many I/O operations, demanding applications on highly congested network.

NAS is useful as a low-cost server providing centralized storage to client computers in environments with large amounts of data.

Administering NAS is simpler & configuration are usually done via a web based interface.

Most NAS disk arrays are also configurable as fault-tolerant volumes & can work as a simple yet reliable file server .

They can also be configured to operate as a member server of a domain & support Active Directory integration.

With the need for high speed access & sharing of information within nearby offices & the need for centralize storage for ease of managing & backup, SAN has been getting more popular in companies with site offices close by.

Whether you are implementing, maintaining, migrating or integrating SAN/NAS devices into your existing Active Directory Domains, we have qualified engineers to serve you.

We are also resellers for some of the more brands of SAN & NAS Storage like IBM, HP Sun & Buffalo & are able to propose a storage solution that will fit your requirements.

We have also successfully implemented SAN solution to complement Hyper-V Server virtualization & for Windows Cluster Servers.