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Problem setting up WPS54G Print Server?

Probably not one of the easiest print server to configure, issues encountered with this print server is rather unique.

It restarts on every save thus causing the web browser to show "Page cannot be displayed" error & confusing the administrator setting it up.

The print server binds too readily to DHCP server assigned IP address and would not release it causing the problem of static IP settings not saved when configuring it.

Flashing the firmware in this unstable state may renders the device unuseable.

A strange behavior of WPS54G is when its IP address is assigned by a DHCP server, there is no option to change any other settings on the web administration page. All changes revert back to the original state of the print server.

Click on other tabs other than the Home tab becomes non-responsive when it is configured in IE as Internet zone for the IP address subnet.

Replacing a faulty WPS54G requires you to go through hours of your precious time troubleshooting it with clueless tech support that trys to walk you through every single step of the basic setup without knowing what the actual problem.

Searching the web for solution seems to futile as well as there are more questions than answers relating to issues with this printer server.

The device works perfectly once it is setup correctly in a perfect scenario unique to it, ie. an office environment that does not have a DHCP server which is never the case in most network.

Before beginning setting up the device, it is recommended that a hard reset is done on the print server.

To hard reset, push and hold the reset button with a pin and power cycle the device. Wait for all amber lights to disappear and a constant green light on the power led to appear.

Follow the following steps once that is done:-

Setting up WPS54G Print Server