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Wireless LAN - Setup & Implementation

Wireless connectivity ( WLAN ) adds mobility to your business network by offering the flexibility to seamless access to your business applications & emails without the need for physical cables & network points.

However, it is due to this advantage of over-the-air wireless connection access that careful planning is required as an improper implementation may allow unauthorized access to your network & its resources.

When deploying a wireless LAN, care has to be taken on deployment of wireless access points that support both wireless-G & wireless-N network & if it works on 2.4Ghz band or 5Ghz band which is solely for N network or both. Non dual-band wireless routers or access points will work only on one.

5Ghz band offers better performance as it is less congested but has reduced range though better concrete wall penetration. Systems with older Wireless G (802.11g) adapters will not be able to connect to router or access point in 5 Ghz band.

Security is also a concern in a wireless network & it is common practice to separate guest access points from the company's network.

WPA Enterprise / WPA2 encryption is recommended & if you have older machines that doesn't work on it, then WPA is acceptable too, although a strong password consisting of numbers is still required for both.

WEP encryption is easily breakable by people who knows how to, as it is a weak security algorithm.

If you're looking for help on securing wireless access to your network, improving access speed or implementation of a new wireless network, please feel free to contact us & we will gladly work out a proposal for you. We are also dealing in all popular brands of wireless products available today.