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Managed & Unmanaged Network Switches & Switch Products - Sales & Setup

Switches consist of unmanaged and managed (Layer 2 / Layer 3) switches. The difference between L2 and L3 is L2 switches operate at Data-Link Layer 2 & L3 switch operates at Network Layer, Layer 3 of OSI Layers.

Some managed switches are given a generic term call smart switches. Such switch are normally L2 switches that allows management via web interface through the device's IP address.

Unlike unmanaged switches that just function as a repeater of signals from port to port, managed switches support VLAN broadcast domains, does prioritizing, port mirroring, port aggregation, participate in spanning tree and much more.

Most companies without the user base of more than 100 people uses just unmanaged switches cascaded together.

Power-over-Ethernet switches are also available for location that does not have a power source. A power sourcing equipment is placed at the other end to supply power over the Ethernet link.

There are also Power Line switches that are network connectivity via normal power line. Your existing power supply's copper cables serve as your network cables at up to 200 Mbps thus doing away with the need for additional network cabling.

Some common routers also have 4 port switch built-in to it. So you can link up computers to it and setup a small network with Internet access without the need to purchase an additional switch.

A typical Ethernet switch operates at 100 Mbps utilizing 4 of 8 copper wires in a CAT5/6 cable while a Gigabit Switch operates at 1000 Mbps utilizing all 8 twisted copper wires thus less tolerant of cable faults.

10Gb Ethernet Switch remains as a emerging standard as of today & may require more time before it get widespread acceptance. Although a choice of fiber optic & twisted pair copper cables is available in Fast Ethernet & 1Gb switches, with 10Gb Ethernet, cabling requirement has moved away from twisted copper cables to fiber optics due to limitation in signal transmission speed in copper wires.

SecureIT-NET is able to supply all the above & a full range of other switches. Brands that we carry includes Dlink, Linksys, 3COM, CISCO, LevelOne & most popular brands.

For any enquiries about the above range of switches, please contact us via our feedback form.