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Site-to-Client VPN - Setup & Implementation

Site-to-Client VPN allows users that are telecommuting outside of the office network to access their server shares & work network from remote securely as if the computer is connected directly to it.

Most Client-to-Site VPN involves the use of a VPN client software that authenticates & establish a tunnel with the office VPN appliance before the user is able to access to the destination network.

Site-to-Client VPN is initiated by the client often from public & unsecure locations with a varying degree of bandwidth & reliability. Thus the bulk of the task of ensuring security & reliability of the connection lies on the VPN client software on the end system.

VPN connection can also be established via a web browser if the remote client is using a computer at a cybercafe or a hotel.

Some VPN gateways allow download & installation of the VPN client on remote after authentication is successful.

Upon successful authentication, data sessions are encrypted & integrity of packet passing through are verified to ensure confidentiality & free from tampering en-route.

SecureIT-NET is able to provide you with a thorough solution to help you link up your mobile users to the main offices & put your infrastructure in place. Contact us via our contact page for a detailed proposal.