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Setup, Migration & Installation

One of the most commonly overlooked aspect of IT support is PC relocation when there is staff movement in the company.

In any organization where there are movement in personnel or changes in your network, there will be a need to create or move user's information like emails and data from one PC to another.

There may also be changes in resource sharing, requirements to clean up confidential information existing on the system before it is being transferred to another user. Incomplete or improperly done job can result in data loss and delays.

SecureIT-NET is able to provide such services either under the terms of a maintenance contract or as an ad-hoc service.

We provide services like archiving & removing of profiles, PST files, data files, exporting of Exchange mailboxes, Address Books, redirection of mails, porting data between applications e.g. Outlook to Mac Entourage, Thunderbird to Outlook, Outlook to Outlook Express and vice versa, clearing of any sensitive information, transfer of licenses & retrieval of unencrypted passwords prior to transferring it to another user.

We can also setup the new user with the relevant access rights, configure their mailboxes, setup of shares, custom applications like VPN client & prepare the workstation for use by the new user.

We have certified engineers that are experienced and are able to provide a thorough job so that you do not have to spend hours of your precious time doing it so that you can take care of your other priorities at work.

We are also experience in migrating & merging of Active Directory Domains required in mergers and acquisitions of independent companies.

You may contact us with your details of your requirements & we will reply you as soon as possible with our proposal.