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Off-Site Remote Support Maintenance Contract - Unlimited, Fast Response

In today's highly connected world, most of the common configuration & troubleshoot tasks can be achieved remotely.

Customers that are looking at cost-effective, fast turnaround IT support can consider our unlimited remote support maintenance program.

IT support service can be accorded with half an hour upon establishing successful connection & simple tasks can be completed with minutes without the need to allocate traveling time & logistic arrangements.

In event of hardware-related failures in your environment or issue irresolvable off-site, site visits can be arranged based on ad-hoc rates. Even in event of hardware failures, we could help you check on its warranty & contact the relevant hardware vendors thus relieving you of the need to do co-ordination work. Thus on-site service will only be needed for out-of-warranty hardware.

Reduce downtime & avoid costly repairs by engaging our highly trained professionals to keep your systems running optimal within office or off-office hours.

Remote Support Maintenance Contract

Maintenance service covers:-