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PPTP VPN - Setup & Implementation

PPTP VPN mostly involves setting up a Windows PPTP VPN server through Routing & Remote Access service & granting & authenticating authorized users with access to the internal network.

Although not the most secure method of allowing remote access to the office network, it is usually implemented on offices that would like quick & easy setup & minimal hardware & software expenses.

Any Windows Server from 2000 up can be used as a PPTP VPN Server & on Windows 2008 Server, it can even be done on a virtual machine or vm client.

The only port that needs to be opened at office gateway/router is TCP port 1723 to be directed to the vpn server IP & to configure the router to allow GRE traffic from protocol 47 inside the internal network.

Setting up of clients to connect to the PPTP VPN network is also simple as it only requires setting up a new network connection with the relevant information. It is similar to setting up a dialup connection to your ISP.

SecureIT-NET is able to provide you with a thorough solution to help you setup your site offices & put your infrastructure in place. Contact us via our contact page for a detailed proposal.