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Setting Up Outlook 2007 clients for use with Office 365

In most cases, setting up of Outlook 2007 to work with Office 365 is simply adding the account information & password in mail setup wizard.

If here are issues like prompt for password each time you start Outlook, there may be an additional step of installing Office 365 desktop setup assistant & installing Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant via Microsoft Online Download Portal after logging in with your account.

As most of of the settings for setting up Outlook 2007 to work with Exchange is automated, users only need their login information like username and password to configure Outlook 2007/2010 mail clients.

To setup Outlook 2007, following the steps below.

1. Click Start and select Control Panel.
setup Outlook in control panel

2. Double-click on mail icon. In 64-bit machine, you may need to double-click on View 32-bit Control Panel icon to see the mail icon.
Mail icon

3. Click on Email Acounts tab.
Select Email Accounts

4. Click on new.
Select New Email Accounts

5. Make sure option Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP is selected, then click next.
Select Microsoft Exchange

6. Enter your name, email address and password. Click next.
Enter Office 365 username and password

7. Click Finish when Exchange autodiscover is complete.
Click Finish to complete the Office365 setup

8. Click OK on Mail Delivery Location prompt.
Mail Delivery Location prompt

9. Click OK to close all opened items.
Close all options post Exchange Online setup

10. Start Outlook, type password if prompted & Outlook will initialized the .ost file for the Exchange mailbox.
Initial Exchange Online OST creation

Outlook 2003 is not supported for Exchange Online / Office 365 but it can still be setup to work as a IMAP or POP3 client.

For Outlook 2003 setup, there is a guide on configuring Outlook 2003 to work with either IMAP or POP3.

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