Secureit-net International Pte Ltd
27 Foch Road #02-09
Hoa Nam Building
Singapore 209264
Tel: (65) 3151 4913

Singapore Network Solution Provider

Networking Solution Company

We are a professional IT & Network Consulting Company providing a wide range of customized solutions catering to a wide range of industries.

Our professional engineers having strong technical experience in troubleshooting & provisioning solution specific to your industry, incorporating sound network solutions that also caters for web & remote scenarios.

We stand out amongst our competition with our team of qualified personnel that deliver thorough solution to your network & computing issues.

We offer not just sales but personalized support for products & services.

We are specialists in providing our customers with professional mail & collaboration solution, to improve customer's organization workflow.

We manage our client's network & optimize it to support future growth.

Our mission is to provide quality, cost-effective, on-time services.

Our IT Networking Solutions Include:-
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