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Yearly Maintenance Service Contract - Hourly Based

SecureIT-NET offers a selection of contract maintenance and on-call services to business organizations of all sizes. We understand that every business operates differently & our maintenance agreements are catered to fit your specific needs. We are able to develop a flexible plan be it a need for 24x7 or just 8x5 coverage.

We are experienced with a broad range of servers and computer systems & are able to provide you with critical repair & professional maintenance service that covers every possible support aspects.

With the above service options, we take care of your IT related issues while you concentrate on your core business.

Hourly Maintenance Contract

For organization looking at better utilization of resource and dedicated support team with the need for having a permanent staff to cater to your organization's IT needs, an hour-based maintenance contract offers the flexibility of minimizing cost when there are no requirement for IT support with the added peace of mind that when required help can be provided within the stipulated contract time frame.

There is no need to pay/renew base on a fix yearly contract fee when your requirement does not exceed the hours allocated in the contract.

This maintenance service covers:-