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Password Recovery & IT Support Services

About 30% of all common IT issues is password related.

Of these, majority of it is due to forgetting of passwords. In a domain environment, forgetting the domain administrator's password means not being able to administer and make changes to your servers within the domain.

Secureit-net is the solution to your system and network issues. We provide fast and hassle free IT support service that do not require rework.

We are able to provide you with fix for the following issues:

1. Recover POP3 passwords from existing computer. When you need to transfer your email accounts to another system but have forgotten your passwords stored on the old one.

2. Reset Windows XP / Vista / 7 login password. When you have forgotten your PC login password or it has been changed without your knowledge, we are able to reset it for you to access your data within.

3. Reset domain admin password. Without domain administrator's password, all servers within the domain cannot administered. Upon changing the password, services using administrator credential will need to be set with the correct password after reset.

4. Reset Cisco router password & recover configuration. Reset / reconfigure / recover your router configuration. Reset your password while retaining your config.

5. Recovery of emails in corrupted, damaged or oversized mailboxes. When emails doesn't come into but is downloaded and removed from the server, it is an indication of oversize mailbox that is no longer able to accommodate any more emails. Resolve corrupted or oversized mailbox issues, access usage and provide for future expansion.

6. Others - operating system issues, blue-screens, server errors, optimization, network related issues, Internet related issues, spyware, viruses, rootkits, firewall configuration & troubleshooting, all these and more.

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