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Local Area Network - Setup & Implementation

Most offices run on a variant of local area network where all computers & share devices are linked up via Ethernet cables so as to share information & resources like printers.

The setup may be from just a few connected PCs in a workgroup or peer-to-peer environment to corporate network in client/server environment linked up via switch infrastructures.

With the advance in technology, most of today's network are no longer hub based which tends to be slower & susceptible to sniffing.

Modern switch functions through learning location of each devices' MAC address & forwarding packets to its the appropriate destination ports, with exception for broadcast frames that are flooded to all ports.

In bigger network, Smart Ethernet Switches are deployed to further separate ports into various broadcast domains to reduce broadcast & ports are aggregated to produce higher throughput.

Whichever your environment may be, we have the expertise to design & build the network suitable to your requirements from implementation to final commissioning.

We provide the availability & manageability in accordance to your needs & enable you to make the most of your company's network through optimizing & integrating the network services such as name/address resolution, directory services, routing, system management, load balancing, content caching & other services to it when required.

Work with us for your network implementation by contacting us via our contact page.