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L2TP VPN - Setup & Implementation

On Windows Server, a L2TP VPN setup is an improvement & considered more secure over PPTP-based VPN. Unlike PPTP VPN, L2TP-based VPN allows for integrity check via the usage of IPSec security protocol.

L2TP allows authentication via certs or via pre-shared key & both work just as well but it is recommended to use certificates whenever possible.

Like PPTP VPN, L2TP VPN allows quick & easy setup with minimal hardware & software expenses.

Any Windows Server from 2000 up can be used as a L2TP VPN Server & on Windows 2008 Server, it can even be done on a vm client under hypervisor from either VMWare or Windows.

The only ports that are needed to be opened at office gateway/router is TCP port 1701 & UDP port 500 to be directed to the vpn server IP & to configure the router to allow GRE traffic from protocol 47 inside the internal network.

Setting up of clients to connect to the L2TP VPN network is also quick & simple, as it only requires setting up a new network connection with the relevant information. This is similar to setting up a dialup connection to your ISP.

SecureIT-NET is able to provide you with a comprehensive solution to help you setup your site offices & put your L2TP-based VPN infrastructure in place. Contact us via our contact page for a detailed proposal.