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Firewall Products, UTMs, IPS, IAMs, LB, HA Appliances - Sales & Setup

Bigger & more complex networks may have more demanding & stringent requirements & basic routers may not have the capability to handle such demands. Even in smaller networks today, having a strong security policy in place ensures a resilient network & offers peace of mind in today's highly connected world.

SecureIT-NET is able to setup & support wide variety of security appliances & firewalls. Some of the more popular brands of firewalls & security appliances that we can support includes Cisco, Juniper, Fortinet & Sonicwall. We are also experienced in supporting Anti-virus & Anti-Spam SMTP Gateways & Filtering Appliances like Barracuda, Symantec & Trend Micro.

UTMs (Unified Threat Management firewall appliance) are getting more popular in place of generic firewalls as it reduces the overall cost of having multiple appliances securing different areas & simplifies administration.

However it pose a possibility of having a single point of failure. This can be overcame by setting two or more units as HA clustering members so that another unit can take over in case of device failure.

Most firewalls also act as VPN appliances providing secure site-to-site, site-to-multi site or site-to-client communication.

Some of the more common features of a dedicated firewall are:-

More advanced firewall appliances can also do application control which denies malicious contents from reaching the network through pattern matching. They are also able to provide Data Leak Prevention (DLP) features which denies sensitive information from leaving the network through careless handling.

While most routers do come with some useful basic firewall functions, more advanced routers like routers from Cisco may have other more advanced firewall features like very specific access control & rate limiting that aren't available or very limited in other generic brands.