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Exchange Online messaging and collaboration services with Microsoft BPOS

Make a transition to the next level of messaging and collaboration services with Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite.

Exchange Online is the next generation cloud based hosted email service with basic Exchange Online service & various other plans like Office 365 which can also support hybrid deployment with your organization's in-house servers.

The increasing demand for email reliability, higher mobility & the push for continuous innovations have shift businesses from their legacy in-house mail solution to a more robust hosted Exchange services.

With Exchange Online, the bulk of the workload on hardware maintenance & software updates are offloaded from in-house IT support personnel. Faster adaption to change, higher scalability, fix minimum monthly cost & virtually no server hardware/software investments are some of the benefits of hosted solution.

As it is a subscription based hosted solution, clients can get all the features in in-house Exchange server without the hardware layout, frequent software version updates/upgrade nor any yearly maintenance support contract.

Based on the experience of Microsoft internal messaging systems, Exchange Online provides seamless integration with customer's existing IT infrastructure with simplified migration & setup process.

With Exchange Autodiscover feature, settings are autodiscovered & auto-configured,ensuring ease of setup on all supported devices like PCs, Macs or mobile devices.

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