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We propose a two-tier system, based on existing solutions we have implemented for other customers. In our previous experience, we used wired and wireless Symbol barcode scanners attached to a single PC to manage inventory and order-packing systems for an warehousing and order fulfillment company. This system allowed users and managers to coordinate actions via web pages and web forms, while integrating with the barcode scanning hardware to reduce errors and increase the flexibility of the system.

A two-tier system reduces middelware/business logic development time by simplifying and grouping key business logic into a single, well-organized structure. Additionally, two-tier solutions are simpler to debug, maintain, and modify after development is complete.

Our general solution is comprised of the following components:

Tier One

An web-based service system and middleware layer for generating and managing barcode assignment, access to the MySQL database, and existing or new inventory management systems.

This tier will be generic, and will provide an customer-API for working with the middleware for the purposes of this project, as well as future growth and revision.

This tier will be flexible enough to handle work-flows as templates, rather than hard-coding, allowing us to develop the work flows for the existing 8 x 3 requirements, as well as modification and addition of new processes in the future.

Tier Two: Web-based

This will be an online administrative form for accessing the Tier One middleware and business logic, and performing control and inventory operations. This tier will also provide dashboards for tracking and error management.

The following applications will be provided:

Tier Two: Symbol Barcode Scanners

A thin C# desktop application that is responsible for managing and routing the inputs from barcode scanners back to the middleware client.

Working with multiple barcode scanners is not easy

Windows HID devices (barcode scanners) are designed to be used as a single device-per-PC. The net result is that most systems can only support a single barcode scanner per computer, regardless of the resource capacity of the computer. This can greatly expand the costs of a system, since each barcode scanner would have to have a separate Windows PC. We have experience working with low-level routines that allow us to support multiple barcode scanners with a single PC. This will dramatically reduce your operating and maintenance costs, as well as simplify deployment.

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