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How to get delisted from Spamcop?

SPAMCOP has a reputation for being too strict with their filtering that may cause problem for some system administrators. Following are some of the more common cause for gettting blacklisted at Spamcop.

Question: One of our mail IP address has been blacklisted by spamcop. Any idea on how to get our IP delisted ASAP?

Blacklisting occurs on one of the various reasons below.

1. Infected PCs
Your system is infected with a Trojan virus that sends out spam on your hosting account and the users receiving them reported it.

The only option for such scenario is to clean up your machine and change all passwords that you have used on that system. Spammers are known to steal credit card information via this method and use them to register for multiple new domains for their spamming activities. Advantage to this of course, is they are untraceable as the information traces back to you, not them, apart from not having to pay for it.

How to know if your machine is infected with a virus?

Symptoms include; heavy activities on your Internet connection even though you're not doing anything. You can start a DOS prompt and then do a netstat -a and if your see a lot of outgoing connections to foreign IP addresses on destination port 25 (i.e., it is a sure sign that your machine is being used for spamming.

Outgoing connections are generally from a higher source port (above port number 1024) to a lower (port number 1024 or lower) destination port.

Other signs include disappearance of icon for your antivirus software, indicating no more realtime monitoring of your system for viruses.

2. Hacked servers
Another reason for getting blacklisted could be, your hosting account or another user's hosting account on the same IP address was hacked and installed with a vulnerable script. This will cause the server's IP address you're on to be blacklisted. Only option for this is to contact your host if they have not already contacted you.

3. Incorrect configuration of Box Trapper / Auto Responders

Also, you could have erroneously enable your boxtrapper in cpanel (which should not be an option available in the first place) or you enable the autoresponder option for your email addresses permanently.

What happen is probably the spammer sent emails to your email addresses that are known by them to auto respond with a message and they use Spamcop's known spamtrap addresses as the return addresses for these mails.

Once your autoresponder replied to the spamtraps too often, you will get yourself blacklisted.

This is done by the spammers to firstly generate anger against Spamcop and secondly to cause enough legitimate domains to be blacklisted, so that server admins will stop using Spamcop as a reliable source for blacklisted ip addresses.

If the above is the cause of the blacklisting & as long as the above issues are addressed, Spamcop automatically removes your IP address from their blacklist.